Ultimate rides and shows to enjoy at Disney Orlando

Each year the attendance at the Orlando Big-5 Water Parks continues to grow faster than the traditional theme parks. go

Live Events
All of the music events get great reviews. go

Entering the Norwegian Castle
They do things different at Epcot and we love to taste lots of the zany creations from around the world. go

Things we Liked
I think the fire itself is actually somehow managed to make the smoke much darker than any normal thing that I've seen before. go

Event Days are a Hoot
Things are a lot more fun when they have every extra spot filled with some kind of activity. go

Camera Ready
Your children will love a medium size rollercoaster, the variety of games and rides, plus Nemo the Musical Show. go

Things to do in Every Direction
Use the rain to your advantage at Disney, as rain sends families flocking to their cars. go

We are ride buffs and get into the history and the prop-like elements in the old shows. go


Family Adventures

Pool Slide
You know this is a nice property as it is also used as part of the popular Disney Vacation Club. go

Swimming Pool
You found the spot for sand, sun, and serenity and you are at Disney World! go

Pool Time
Things are just way more relaxing when you don't have to kind of pack up things, to a large degree, because you know you can quickly pop over to the room when you need too. go

Having a Big Pool is Important
Having lots and lots of cabinet space is great for extended Orlando vacations. go

Boat Taxi
Those darn big old boats that they use here really can hold a lot of people. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
This is one of my favorite places to eat in the Epcot resort area. go

Huge Swimming Pool
We went and just had to try the of our legendary big apple shake made with an actual slice of grandma style apple pie! go

Going for the Live Event Shows

For adults, the best rides are Kilmanjaro Safaris, Festival of the Lion King, and Finding Nemo the Musical. Younger kids will enjoy wildlife express train to pet land. This is an amazing park with lots of fun shows and live animals to see. Get a schedule when you enter the park to find out what times the shows are so you can plan around that. The best of the day is the train that takes you to an area where you can pet and interact with animals.

Kathrine F.

Theme Parks

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Keri G.