Broward County Beach Location List

Shoreline is Excellent
The Gulf of Mexico is always about six to ten degrees warmer than the Atlantic Ocean, so that's something you could consider. go

We saw a group of staff members at eating lunch one day, so I guess they have a team member take over so they can take a break. go

Morning Beach Walk
As the beach day turns into night, a lot of people had in this general direction from the main land area where there's this huge multimillion member population of people that want to come out to the beach bars! go

Looking for a Family Beach Vacation
ANSWER: The wild history of Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale is something the city might never shake. go

Public Beach
You really can't ride bicycles on the beach because the sand is too thick and soft plus it slopes down rather severely. go

Beach Access
Each day builds and we get more and more excited for our trip. go

Fort Lauderdale Beach
By heading in to the wind, you can get a great workout and when the body gets tired, it is easy to turn around and get back to the hotel or automobile parking lot. go


Swim Suit Day

Broward County
Please not that Las Olas is a huge entertainment zone. go

Picking Out a Beach Hotel
The Marriott in Boca Raton is not even close. go

Block from the Ocean
We don't really come to the beach that much in the winter because you can't get in the water, which is what we do. go

Eating Oriental
Do ask about what is hot, the specials, and fresh catch. go

Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental
It is possible for new guests, you might be able to check-in early, just have to call and ask. go

Fort Lauderdale Chicken Wing Restaurant
For all those people that are Fort Lauderdale beach chicken wing fans, you have lots of good choices in the area so jump around each day and try a different restaurant. go

Finding the Parking
The other place I would really like to eat at is the Floridian restaurant. go


Fun to Do

Swim Suit Day

I think the vacation trips are better when we have a day back at your house or my house, not rushing that extra drive that you did. I need a fun day to come down from the vacation pleasures. We need a local fun day before going back to the day to day work grind! Fort Lauderdale Beach bars like cafe got hit hard with rain this afternoon. Once again you are the magic weather predictor! Rain, rain and we missed it perfectly with all good weather days.

Shelly V.