Bring your pole on your journey down the island chain and pick your spot

Everything You Need for Boaters
Try the kayaks for a fun and scenic paddling adventure. go

Put the non-keepers back in the water fast
You can get a complete fishing pole at the Key Largo Kmart for about $20 and they work. go

Plan for an hour with Lunch and Sightseeing
QUESTION: We are so excited for our first trip down to Key West and realize the drive takes a bit. go

Novice falls for the Angler's Life
Great times. go

Boat Docks at Key Colony Beach
This is what makes sport fishing so popular, the great healthy dishes you can make. go

Boater Friendly in Key Largo
A super dining spot in the Upper Keys is the Buzzard's Roost. go

Catching Some Keepers for Dinner
You and your family can take your catch to the Lorelei and they will cook it for you. go

Lower Florida Keys Ocean Voyage
The party boat fishing trip was the best value for the money. go


Redfish Club

Famous for Shrimp Dishes
Come on down to the island center for a great meal. go

Delicious Food for Reasonable Prices
This upper Duval Street eatery prepares delicious food for reasonable prices. go

Big Warm and Juicy Cookies
See them make the yummy stuff at the cooking area on display inside the store. go

Keeping up Old Town Booze Bars
Just had to report on a very neat spot that we continue to go to, as any bar we repeat is a winner. go

What a special place is Key Colony Beach
For those that stayed here before, they will really know this park because you walk past it or bicycle past it every time you're heading to the attractions. go

Upper Florida Keys Publix Marker
You cannot beat the deli sandwiches. go

Always fun are the Key West Trips
The snorkel park at fort zachary is the best in all of Florida. go

Overseas Highway Bait & Tackle Shop

Come by boat or car to the Bass Pro Shops Islamorada. Yes, this is a marina with dockage for boats, a waterfront restaurant, and true Florida Keys style marine Shopping. Has all the live bait for fishing, plus local knowledge so just ask for help.

Chasity L.

Ready to fill the Freezer

The fishing reports say is hot in Key Largo, that means it must not have rained there. It poured here all day at Cudjoe Key, and it was very cold with the wind. Fishing is all about the good weather.

Ignacio K.