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Hotels near Mallory Square
The property is adorned in classic Key West decor, it is so pretty. go

Staying close is a Great Thing
Yes for sure, a pet friendly rentals in Key West. go

Vacation with a Great Pool
We have a 22 foot center console and the Boat Dock Parking is so easy. go

Pick a hotel with Splashable Activities
You can have all of the extras if you want them, like spa treatments and those huge frozen cocktails with an umbrella sticking out the top! go

Hotels to enjoy the Happy Hours
Expect a very scenic 10 min. go

Staying on Duval Street Downtown
We visited the La Concha hotel where you stayed. go

The Hotel is Lovely
The hotel is lovely, and very well maintained. go

Great hotel choices away from Duval
ANSWER: A very nice place is the Bayside Marriott, which is a solid hotel and you are neatly tucked away from the bar scene. go


Booking a Room

Stuff you need to know
We love to attend all of the famous attractions, with the free daily sunset celebrations topping it all off! go

Oldest Restaurant in Town
Try the grits, yummy. go

My picks for Things to Do
We say no way, just the way Key West Magazine had set our anticipation. go

Fried Grouper Special
One can never go wrong with the whiskey soaked Bread Pudding, so save room for that. go

Bicycle Rentals
You will have a lot more fun and you can take sightseeing video along the way. go

Boating in Key West
Remember to Be on top of your Boating Game in Key West. go

Duval Street Strawberry Margarita Bar
The vibe is fantastic and they offer a nice perk, as the daily 5pm to 8pm Happy Hour prices are extended on Sunday and Monday to 5pm to midnight! go

Reserving the Condo Unit

You do need to buy supplies when staying at a condo. After the starter kit runs out, each guest is responsible for purchasing all other supplies they will be using during their stay. When you first arrive, The condo is equipped with a starting kit which consists of toiletries, toilet paper, and dishwashing liquid for the first day. You refill things. Self-catering means there is no daily housekeeping. The condo is cleaned before the guest arrives and then after the guest's departure.

Peggy L.

Nice pick for a Hotel

Sunset Cove was a nice pick for a hotel. We could not have loved the whole experience more and what views. They have a nice boat ramp to use if want boat dockage. It was really nice to be on the sunset side of the island. Key Largo has the oceanside, which is the left side as you're heading south towards Key West, or the right side is the bayside, and has the sunset views in the evenings. That is something to consider, although any of the waterfront hotels will probably be just fine. We looked closely at the Bayside Inn which is very close to Sunset Cove. It is nice to get affordable Key Largo hotel accommodations that are perfect for the family. You will like the idea of Kayaking right from the hotel. The hotel offers complimentary kayak usage. You are gonna like to do that plenty as long as it is in a low wind day. It is very difficult to kayak sometimes if the wind is really blasting away at you. Going with the wind is fine, the problem is when you're heading back up wind. It was great to have a barbecue where we could cook our fish in the evenings.

Melissa R.