Best to do at the park for all ages are the street shows and the character greeting pictures

Kids Participate Stage Show
Be prepared in every situation to have your little one raise his or her hand. go

Tea Company Cafe
A super little cafe to be sure to try. go

Free Boat Taxi Rides
Boats go back and forth to all of the drop off docks, and run less than every ten minutes. go

Unique Annual Orlando Events
These are a big deal. go

Beat the Crowds
What a hoot are the crazy fun goings on in one of my favorite parts of the Magic Kingdom. go

Animal Kingdom Review
Luckily we got a reservation at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and we learned a couple of the disney secrets. go

Freaked out on Astro Orbiter
Parents with children under six can hit a home run over in Tomorrowland, a slicked-up area focused on youthful pleasures. go

Photos with the Critters
Special is the land of Canada where the cold beer by the pint is outstanding at the bar. go


All about Big Smiles

Swan Resort Restaurant
My favorite is the grilled mahi salad mixed with tomatoes, beans, and vinegar dressing topped with red peppers. go

My Favorite Disney Pool
There is a nice beach, it is on the lake and not ocean, plus there are no waves. go

They want to come in and start picking out food and then get your table, it is time to chow down. go

Orlando Hotels to Love with Mickey Mouse
In the summer is the absolute lowest time to get a disney hotel. go

Overnight in Lake Buena Vista
It was very special. go

Sports Themed Hotel
It is really good for an adult couple too, and not just for the families with children. go

Bring your Bathing Suit
Stay right next to the Boardwalk, Disney's best shopping and entertainment venue. go

Great Because of all the new Stuff

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Tina Z.

Some nice Things

I found some nice things at the Disney Springs Shopping Mall. What a place and I found a great parking spot in the shade near the entrance so it worked out well. I was there for two hours and I left when the clouds turned black. It started raining when I got in my car and then we went to for the whole sized pizza loaded down. I am going to go back again sometime to look for shoes. You can come if you want, we can do the Earl of Sandwich.

Rosalinda L.