Sunny Florida has your place on the Beach Sand

Beach Sightseeing
Not gonna want to just hang out at your hotel and the swimming pool all the time so be on the move. go

Outdoor Activities
Here are some tips to do in Cocoa Beach on vacation. go

Where the Locals go in Cocoa Beach
You cannot beat the Sunset Cafe for later afternoon pleasures like beer. go

Buy Surf Boards
This is the place to buy all the boards for the waves. go

Park is Amazing
There are quite a few different places you can stop and get your Fishing bait here locally close by like and frozen shrimp work really well for the oceanfront Fishing, not the deep water. go

Melbourne Florida
It only takes about ten minutes to get over there on your bicycle and that way you save on your hotel bill, so you have more money for the fantastic restaurants. go

Historic Spacecraft
It is a good three hours or much longer depending on your love of space flight! go


Targeted Attractions

Marriott is good for Peace of Mind
There is a tiki bar out next to the hotel swimming pool for any kind of frozen cocktail you can think of. go

Five Pound Burrito
They sell something called the Sandbar bacardi bucket which looks pretty good and you get different kinds of rum drinks to try. go

Beach Resort
You can get to this little pocket and the restaurant in about ten minutes just by crossing over the bridge. go

Art District
You don't get to see stuff like this every day. go

Take-Out Food
Typically we eat here twice once for lunch one day after our bike rides and morning workout routines, and you have to go here for dinner. go

Beach Chairs
Definitely for sure to me beach chairs are the number one important thing to bring to the beach. go

Pool Bar
That is a great hotel amenity and the kids love to splash whether it's day or evening. go

Vacation Experiences

There's a lot of fun things to do in this town. We are big fans of that cool little surf bar over there at 222 first street north, the cafe surfinista. They make really good ceviche. That is the best food you can get that comes from the sea, with fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, a special spice blend and everything is marinated in key lime juice. This is where I go for coffee, they make the surfer joe organic coffee and proudly serving locally roasted wahoo coffee. You get fresh squeezed orange juice and this is Florida, where the orange juice is so fresh. I want to give you a few of my votes for good places to go for food, starting with right on the beach. It is on the shoreline, Coconuts on the Beach - american - two minutemen causeway - 321-784-1422. Easy for the wallet breakfast is the Denny's restaurant - american, sandwiches, salads - 1245 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-4005. Where to go for the best Beer in town, paddy cassidy's irish pub - irish - 2009 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-0810. Getting hungry for dinner, go with the Florida seafood bar and grill - seafood - 480 west Cocoa Beach causeway - 321-784-0892.

Lorna O.

Brevard County

What fun we had in Brevard County as you have it all from Melbourne Beach to Cocoa Beach and beyond. I think you want to do day trips for sure when you're staying here at the hotels because you can do more than just one city center each day. We would take our bicycles on the back of our automobile, and then just park it one of the free parking lots and then use the bikes to cruise around to explore.

You wouldn't believe all the cool little local restaurants that you get to try and it's not just seafood. I couldn't believe how great the burrito menu was. I love a big thick healthy burrito filled with all kinds of Vegetables and spicy stuff. I wanted to point out this restaurant because they use really fresh spices in the sauces and the mixes. The fiesta pork burrito is my favorite of all. The tacos you can get with a crispy flat, soft flour, or taco cup which is so unique. This is a great town to enjoy and we are glad we picked a hotel right on the Atlantic Ocean to take advantage of all the goodies and fun times.

Beulah C.