Restaurant Dining Ideas for Cocoa and Melbourne Beach

Five Pound Burrito
It's one of those famous things that each restaurant is known for and here it's the five pound burrito so make sure you get one with the seasoned beef, slow cooked beans, guacamole, sour cream, and all the rest of the normal things that are in the best of your favorite burrito recipes. go

Happy Hour Locations around Cocoa Beach
There is no shortage of great music between the Port and Cocoa Beach. go

Beer Time
Live Music is a good thing over here in Cocoa Beach. go

Waterfront Dining
I looked at the online menu so I had a good idea of what I was going to get before I got here. go

Waterfront Dining
I love it because it's got kind of an old-style feel but you're right on the water we get to watch the big boats go by and the kayak folks. go

Pizza Restaurants
It is perfect for the evening time to get food and cocktails. go

Oceanfront Restaurant
That we've had lunch here we are going to go for breakfast next time tomorrow or on Thursday. go

Beer Bar
Of all the places in town, this is where I'd want my harley motorcycle to pull up to so I can quench my thirst. go


Book a Hotel Room

Easy Beach Play Fitness
This is the easiest way to burn a ton of calories since you will not be keeping track of time. go

The Space Coast has the Beach Deals
Summertime is the favorite time for us to find the best deals, but you will be surprised as all year is decent pricing here. go

Historic Spacecraft
It is a good three hours or much longer depending on your love of space flight! go

Gift Shop
Everybody wants to find something special especially when you're on vacation. go

Art District
There are a wide assortment of shops around here, but because this is an historical district of really amazing quality and restoration, my favorite are the antique shops. go

Indialantic Beach Park
The neighborhoods are absolutely stunning and makes you want to move here to get a house and it doesn't even need to be waterfront. go

Candy Store
One good thing I like about vacations is you're walking around burning calories all day so you can taste something sweet! go

Really Cool in this Town

Most everything we went to was really cool in this town. I didn't realize that the entire island is really not that big at all. Once you take your bicycles from one into the other, you realize that while it is rather small. I do know the Key West is only four miles by two miles, so even a small place can pack a big wallop. There are so many good places to eat and I like that barbecue place called slow and low. Anyplace that is has happy hour all day is good for me. We like to watch the nfl ticket and the Espn game plan, for sports any day of the week. They have live music on Thursday through Saturday from seven pm to ten pm. What could be better than a happy hour all day. Another good pick for the sport tv is the sand bar Sports Grill - sandwiches - 4301 ocean beach boulevard - 321-799-2577. They have a nice menu at the boston beef and seafood - seafood - 5590 north atlantic avenue - 321-784-4000. How about a big German Beer at the heidelberg restaurant - German - seven north Orlando avenue - 321-783-6806. Super cheap and very good is the Taco Bell - Mexican - 3646 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-8080. For take out food the best on the island is Thai dixie and sushi - thailand - twenty four north atlantic avenue - 321-868-3586.

Paris F.

Planning to Do

When you're running around doing your daytrip fun ideas along the beaches you can always stop and get some Fishing bait. What a fun thing to do is catch of fish right in the ocean when you're knee deep in the water. The waves are flying by and you can watch the surfers and your feet are nicely in the cool water where you get to try to land something to eat for dinner.

We just did some Fishing over there at Sebastian Inlet state park and really loved it. Getting Fishing bait is easy over at Tackle Box shop. Extra impressive it was and I just had the best time ever. I think this Brevard County area is a lot better than people think it is. You have all of the attractions, Shopping opportunities for deals, plus the water sports adventures.

Is nice to get some knowledge when you gonna go Fishing from one of the local tackle shops. I would definitely asked them what exactly you need to go out and catch some fish. Tell them what you're planning to do or asked for their opinion on what's the best thing to do. All of the local shops and people that work here are really good at giving you ideas for the local happy hour opportunities and things like East New Haven Avenue.

Blaine W.

Restaurant Dining

My favorite bars in central Florida are thristy fish, the Hard Rock Cafe, and The Shoreline focused bar. All dinners come with your choice of any one of our sides or a side salad. The view is still majestic, the food still superbly prepared, and the prices are still realistic. You cannot go wrong with Pizza pie. They have the delicious, mouthwatering dishes you're looking for, all at affordable prices.

Jenifer B.