We are trying to narrow down our Cocoa Beach Florida Beach Vacation

Beach Sightseeing
There Shopping at http://localartmelbeach.com/ or a bunch of little tiny shops. go

Outdoor Activities
This is an active place where ideally you want to bring as many beach toys as possible. go

Super Beach Scene
We have to recommend going to have fun, fun. go

Buy Surf Boards
You can rent a body board if you would like to just do it that way and try it for an hour or two. go

Waterfront Sightseeing
It's easy to spot when you get here close by because the bridge is huge. go

It reminds me a lot of an area called Dunedin Florida http://www.dunedin-fl.com/ which is over near the Gulf of Mexico next to Clearwater Beach. go

Historic Spacecraft
It is a good three hours or much longer depending on your love of space flight! go


Major Attractions

Bagel Shop
When I'm walking for a long period of time, I just need a good cuban coffee like http://www.elambiacubano.com/ and something sweet to keep me going, or even one of those breakfast burritos. go

Beach Resort
After spending about three weeks trying to figure out which hotel we were going to stay at, we finally had our wonderful vacation week. go

Ocean View Rooms
You pay a little bit more but you'd be surprised what a special sensation it is to be above the shoreline the entire time of your trip. go

Beach Fishing
Thank goodness there's lots to look at when you're out here because is a constant flow of bikinis heading down the shoreline! go

Everybody needs to learn how to surf at Cocoa Beach
Fifteen minutes later they're doing the same thing in the ocean. go

View of Space without the long Flight
Maybe closer for most people is the cruise port beach which is really neat and has a lot of eye candy along the waterfront. go

Indialantic Beach Park
We used the park as a base camp and parked the car here and took the bicycles off of the bicycle rack, and off we were exploring riverside drive. go

Best parts of the Island

I have to admit I love a beautiful woman in a bikini. Especially when she's holding a surfboard and is really athletic. The more I can do around the sand the better. All the delicious bites of food nearby and cold Beer. It's always nice to look at the long pier heading out over the ocean. Way down on the and there's a bar, I can't remember the name of it, but it is fantastic. I would tell everybody for sure come to the pier and enjoy every minute of these particular best parts of the island. Watching the waves is always neat, plus you can go fishing. The fishing on the East Coast of Florida is tremendous because you can catch big ones. Yes are shark out there to by the way. Make sure that you're not swimming after having cut yourself where any type of blood exposure gets into the water. Safety on the beach is a big deal and the Lifeguards are really good but anything can happen.

Ebony J.

Beach Vacation

Glad you had fun on your Beach Vacation. You don't owe me anything but some Cocoa Beach asian take out yenyencocoabeach.com food. That is what neighbors and friends do eat. It certainly did not take any effort on my part and I was glad to do it. Once again my attack dogs are tame, if you knew them you would realize how funny that is. Helping our island is great, so I did not get to perform but that is a good thing. See you outside some time and do try siamorchidthaisushi.com for the flavors.

Joaquin V.

Great to Do

It was nice to do both Orlando and Melbourne Beach. What a nice zone in central. I found the spot for the ocean trips for waves and longboardhouse.com boards. They even have a sueannsbakery.com bakery to pick up goodies. Get one of the rich golden donuts dipped in cinnamon sugar.

Addie M.