Entertaining things to do on the shoreline in Florida

I really got psyched up about getting some traditional stone oven prepared pizza as the ratings of this restaurant were really high. go

Take-Out Food
I love it when they have fifty cent wings as a discount. go

The Hoagies
It's really easy and you just follow along the photographs and select your bread, whether you want it toasted or not, pick the condiments, and of course all of the different toppings and vegetables. go

Burrito on the Menu
We like to eat any of the Mexican kind of food places when you're gonna drink beer because of all the hot sauces, salsas, and guacamole is really good to dip chips into. go

Eating with a View
After 4 or 6 hours along the shore, if it rains latter, no problem. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
You might as well call it a beach bar because they have at least thirty different kinds of beer to pick from, both the imports and they lower-cost domestic beer like coors light for example. go

Riverfront Restaurant
Most people love it so much for the breathtaking views over the Brevard County indian river waterway. go

Sports Bar
I'm not sure exactly when they have specials or discounts but it wouldn't surprise me if they had things on their facebook page because the guy at the restaurant mentioned it, as we were heading out and telling them how happy we were. go


The Food is Good

Oceanfront Hotel
I was amazed how much the Beach Shoreline changes during the day between low and high tide and sometimes there's multiple low and high tides on the same day. go

I saw some people out there near the Fishing Pier doing their kayaking in the surf and that takes a high level of professionalism and risk-taking. go

Melbourne Beach Hotels
We knew it was special when we got here just in the parking lot. go

Fishing Pole Anchor
If you have no spike on the end, then it's very difficult to pound it into the sand and you will definitely need to bring a hammer. go

Crane Creek Park
They have a rooftop view that overlooks the water of the Melbourne harbor, just two blocks from Crane Creek promenade. go

Florida Space Place Fun
If you are a space junkie, plan another trip to stay and get into the tinier details. go

Outdoor Activities
You can actually burn calories all day long and still hit the happy hour bars, plus lose weight on this vacation! go

Good Places around Town

One of the first things I've learned at all these Local Bars as they seem to be pretty big into the land shark Beer by the buckets. Every single, or almost, at least it seems like just about every restaurant has a sign and displays to buy this particular land shark beer. We had to try it and it's excellent. I'm not sure why and I never found out, what's the deal with this popularity. How did this beer become the number one thing to drink in town? I thought bud light was where it's going on. I like the fact that you can hear entertainment at a bunch of good places around town. We love to go in and enjoy classic rock or really pretty much any kind of tunes. Especially if you have a view. Here some of the places that we recommend for people to go. I like the food menu the best at mambo's - american - 1300 north atlantic avenue - 321-783-2272. Get the meatball loaded and it is all smiles at the beachway subs - sandwiches - seventy south Orlando avenue - 321-799-1986. Golfers get a bonus with the city of Cocoa Beach country club - 19th hole sandwiches - tom warriner boulevard - 321-868-3355. Some places just have the perfect vibe like the Atlantic Ocean grille - american - 401 meade avenue 321-783-7549.

Devin V.

Vacations to Cocoa Beach

Living in Vero Beach, Cocoa Beach or Orlando would be great for all types. We just got back from a nice trip to the marriott.com hotel and are so happy. I sure hope you get that Disney hotel manager job at All-Star Sports Resort if it's the one that you want. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all day long but have no concerns because you will find something now that you are totally committed and eager. It seems like in the past maybe that eagerness was not strong enough and that's why you've worked wonderfully, although stressful he sometimes at the same location for eight years.

That is something to be proud of, but there's nothing wrong and it's great to move on when the timing is right. Best wishes from me no matter if today was successful or if you're going to wait and pursue other opportunities. You are doing great!

Vanessa R.

East Central Florida

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