Ideas for getting you ready to hit the Beach

The Hoagies
I think this is a lot better than going to Panera Bread cafe although Subway is a very good place and another good option for fast food before you hit the beach area. go

Where is the best waterfront breakfast
We were so glad we made a reservation for the chartered party boat excursion. go

Sunset Restaurant
Get cheap beer at happy hours, with the best prices anywhere in Cocoa. go

Irish Restaurant
We really had a good time here and couldn't say enough good things about it. go

Everybody needs a destination to go to get something to eat and the coffee drinks here worth coming to get. go

Pool Bar
Even the big bridge is nice because it has a barricade between you and the cars and completely safe for people Bicycle Riding or walking over it. go

Local Bars
Park your bike and get a cold landshark beer. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
Mainly I go for the beer and the nachos, and the chicken wings plus the homemade crabcakes are really good. go


Go for the Meal

Art Shops
It's right over there next to the Eau Gallie Fishing Pier and is really beautiful on a nice sunny day. go

Saving money on vacation means you need to have a couple of cold beers back at your hotel swimming pool before you head out for the evening on your bicycle to enjoy the beach restaurants and the beach bars. go

Fishing Pole Anchor
Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean off the shoreline is a sure thing to catching fish if you have just a little bit of patience. go

Shopping Center
Well done to all of the city officials that have made historic downtown Melbourne is one of the very best places to go on your vacation. go

Local Parks
I would call this one of the more busy parts of town because there's a lot of people moving around picking up things to eat and exploring on bicycles. go

Art District
You don't get to see stuff like this every day. go

Watersports Play and then Cocktail Hours
Murkshe Memorial Park is lessor known and just right for a day at Cocoa Beach. go

The Top Area for a Beach Hotel Reservation

Oh yeah, whatever you think is best. Do you want me to pay at least half? I do not want you to go over budget. This is the place for true Shoreline Pleasures. I told you, after all my years in Florida, the beaches in Cocoa and Daytona are the best for active vacations. Go to Sanibel for nature, but my goodness is The Shoreline an amusement park in Brevard County. Beach bike on the wide ocean! Yeah to Brevard County Florida, next in line to the florida keys.

Arron F.

Beach Vacation

Everybody was so happy with our Beach Vacation. I think Brevard County Florida is about as good as you can get for having fun and we had no idea that Melbourne Beach was so spectacular. There's a great little restaurant that I wanted to point out with the Florida fresh attitude! You will find it at 5670 highway a1a. What could be better than the new england spirit for and eatery and pub.

On the menu is everything you want on a Beach Vacation starting with jumbo shrimp flavored to your liking. I particularly like black in jumbo shrimp but the cajun is really good. They have grilled cajun, buffalo battered, fried battered, or just to eat overall after they been cooked in boiling water. If you want to chicken wings I would say go with the naked wings in the buffalo battered sauce. We were very inspired by the east new haven boulevard district.

Debra L.