Today is a great day for the Beach

Hit the Beach for the Waves
Planning for the big waves is important. go

Cruise Port Beach
The best space coast beach is the Cape Canaveral picnic park. go

Melbourne Beach
We have been focused on trips to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Beach Vacation
Maybe it is the boogie boards, it so fun. go

Learning to Surf
Sometimes you can actually go for about one hundred feet maybe 130 feet on the best days, some really long rides. go

Where to go in Cocoa Beach to have the most fun
If you're staying at one of the hotels closer to the Pier, you better ride your bikes down here because it's kind of far to walk. go

Free Beach Parking
It is good to know that Ocean Park has free Melbourne Beach parking and there are other nice place to go. go

Beach Chairs
The location is prime for getting to everything using your feet along the shoreline. go


To the Shoreline

Learn how to Ride the Waves
The beach surfers have the best bodies, typically in top shape and you know it is all about the waves. go

Find a Deal
You don't have to just go into the shops and antique dealers, as these old-style markets that used to be the legendary old movie theaters, because the deals are here. go

Front Street Park
This town is great because you have free parking just about everywhere. go

Publix Cocoa Beach
This is the middle of everything, which is the island center. go

Brevard County Flea Market
Bean sprouts are great thing to get here because there fresh and you can taste it when you put it on salads and I put it in egg rolls, just like they do down the street. go

The Hotel for Beach Chairs
Shepard Park is a nice oceanfront park, and it is where we go to picnic plus hit the beach. go

Learning to Surf in the Ocean is a breeze
They have the board and they have to stand up, maneuver, and do the things that you would if water was around you. go

One Cool Little Beach Town

This is one cool little beach town. How enjoyable is picking out a hotel that is located on astronaut boulevard! It was fun, every moment was a busy time cruise and on the bicycles around the area. Those fat tire beach bikes are so fun. The only thing you have to worry about is the wind if it's pretty strong. While having a strong wind might mean really good ways for the surfers, if your bicycling directly into the wind, things can be pretty tough. You can rent one of those beach bikes that has the electric assist power, so you can kick it in whenever you want by pressing a button. That's the best way to go against a really strong wind or when you are so pooped out that you don't think you can make it back to your hotel. Every day was something different, but the constant here is ocean waves and you can hear them even from inside your hotel room if you have the window open. What a pleasure was to come On Vacation in Florida and take advantage of the Atlantic Ocean!

Forrest J.

Florida Beach Towns

I think we should do both of the Marriott locations that I suggested during your two weeks off. First we could do the Orlando zone for two or three nights. You go home for a night or two, then come to my house for a couple of nights for sanibel stuff and bonita Beach Stuff. Lastly, I come back your way and we go to Melbourne Beach for two or three nights. We can use the car in Melbourne and go to Sebastian Inlet and Cocoa Beach condo for one day if we want. We can stay all paid for at both places. I can make just a bit for your great trips! If so, first we have to figure out the dates for hotel booking, which I will do.

Federico F.