Amazing are the Orlando Hotels with Fancy Pools that are Awesome

All about the Music
You will find displays that showcase elton john including his spectacular outfits. go

World Center Hotel
We loved Pizza Paradiso and Yard House for dining. go

Top Hotel Pick for the Value
There's a lot of things nearby to do just in case it rains or you get hungry. go

Boat Dock
We rarely predicate the dining decisions upon where we're staying but Epcot wins out. go

Orlando has the Winning Resorts
Set along a wildlife preserve and horse farm, the Grand Cypress offers beautiful hotel room views of the area. go

Lake Buena Vista Hotels
You can book rooms with golf course views. go

Pacific Island Themed
Upon entering the room, the surprise was Mickey Mouse Ears made out of the smaller white towels on the bed. go

Lake Side Views
I can't imagine visiting the Magic Kingdom not staying at Bay Lake Tower. go


Fine Hotels

Great Escape
To first time visitors, this is a very scary ride. go

Magic Kingdom Celebration Day
It is not a time to be driving around from place to place each day. go

Things to do in the Orlando Summer
Volcano bay Orlando was better than we thought it was going to be. go

Things we Like
Just come with the good attitude, lines are here, but it is so fun when it is packed. go

Big Pool at the Riverside Resort
Our family gets into the water splash fun so much. go

Most Scary Magic Kingdom Ride
It all starts on the Magic Kingdom ferryboat, which is way too cool to get over and it takes you to the entrance area. go

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
It is very fun indeed, and not too scary. go

Fantastic Hotels

You're going to have a good time when you come to Orlando, it is pretty hard not to. We have come away impressed every time we've been in the city. It's a beautiful place, even driving in on the interstate four gets you psyched up when you see Disney Springs five miles ahead, Epcot exit three miles ahead, and then when you actually go underneath the sign that says welcome to Disney World. That is a magical moment and it used to be people would stop their car and take a photo, but then they put those signs up saying no parking, and no stopping. Everybody's got to have the rules, can't we just bend the rules a little bit to take a photograph. It was fun staying at the Yacht Club Resort, this time we decided to splurge but we did split between four people. That is the way to stay at a higher level of resort, but each person actually doesn't have that much of a bill. We love this town and will be back.

Alberto C.

Four Nights

Going on vacation is So much Fun even if it's just for three or Four Nights. We just got back and did the Altamonte Springs Residence Inn hotel and loved it. It was need you can buzz right down to Citywalk and cafe in about twelve to fifteen minutes and we had no problems with traffic on Christmas eve or Christmas Day and then we return the following day after that back to the Clearwater Beach Pier sixty area.

Were off to Melbourne Beach this next weekend because we decided to do the new years January one through January three at the Residence Inn in Melbourne, and we are excited about that. Of course what all happens depends on the weather so the most important thing to do is to go to google and search for Melbourne Florida weather forecast tv news. I like to search that way because I want to get the local tv channels because they have more money invested in accuracy for the people that live there day after day. If you use one of those big weather websites that tries to predict the whole world of weather they don't have to be is accountable because it just the way it is.

About three or four days ahead of time is as good as you can expect to get really predictable weather. They have Orlando weather that covers Melbourne and Melbourne Beach and the Daytona and Cocoa Beach area tv market covers that whole region for weather and the surf report.

Emerson J.

Fun Vacation Destinations

Super Ikea is on my target list for Friday, so put in your order if you want me to pick anything up. I want to get the colorful shower curtain to use as the window blind inside the shower. I will never by the clear shower curtains again, as they show water drops. Ikea is a winner.

Thanks for the Home Fix Up ideas. I would like to use the wood primer, as there is a foot long skinny board out front. This fresh cut wood was something needed to fix the white fence. It is so tiny, it seems silly to by more wood primer as it will only take a couple of paint brush strokes to prime it up. This was the messed up fence part by the driveway.

Ola M.