This is where to go for all things to know about Key West Florida

Quickest Route to the Florida Keys
You do not want bad weather and the views from the ship are so much better when the sun is shining bright and there is little cloud cover. go

We Thought the Experience was Outstanding
What a dynamite time, that kind of thing you won't ever forget. go

Take your kids to the Cockatoo Bird Exhibit
Our strategy now has to do with making a list of everything we wanted to ahead of time, so we do not miss anything. go

Recreation has a home along the Waterfront
What a great opportunity to travel around on a cruise ship. go

Loves Florida Keys Bicycle Rides
Try riding up and the stock island if you really want to see how some of the locals live. go

It Makes it Better for Exploring
There is no better way to travel down in the Florida Keys once you get to your hotel. go

East Island has Unique Sightseeing Spots
This town just seems to have it all and even the southernmost bocce ball! go

Go Day or Night-time Fishing
An excellent day on the water, and we took back about 4 pounds of filleted fish to enjoy. go


Why not Enjoy

Great Views and Nice Vacation Location
Bicycles can cover the island in just about ten minutes, since the island itself is approximately four by two miles. go

Salads with Honey Citrus Dressing
Yummy is the citrus grilled chicken salad using cajun chicken, lettuce greens, red onions, orange segments, pecans, red pepper, blue cheese crumbles, and honey citrus dressing. go

Sloppy Joe's Sandwich
I always like to look at the WebCam a couple of days ahead of time to get psyched up. go

Winning Combinations for Tropical Island Style Dining
The location is in historic Bahama Village, not far from the Truman Annex and Taylor Beach Park. go

Food makes Me Smile
Fine dinning people will like the experience which a little more stylish than most of the Duval Street more casual restaurants. go

Southernmost Island Convenience Store
This one stop shop has just about anything you need. go

Everyone enjoys Swimming Pool Toys
Sometimes we just love to be treated like honor citizens and that is what we get here at Simonton Court Resort. go


Prime for the Bicycle Vacation

Why not Enjoy

I read the article on winter Bicycle Riding. But six items, that is a lot of layers. It has warmed up here too but I think it is supposed to get cold again tomorrow, but just for one day. Florida is Always a good Time for the bicycle vacation.

Jodi E.