All of the hotels are big winners with top ratings

Happy Orlando Hotel Pick
Going the value lodging route at Walt Disney World Resort means you'll likely need to make a location trade-off. go

Swimming Pool
We love Pop Century, the fun-filled Disney hotel with an emphasis on American culture and music of the twentieth century. go

Happy Family Hotel
Fantastic swimming pools, beach play, frozen bar drinks, and monorail transportation to it all! go

Horseback Rental
Visitors can board a boat to the Magic Kingdom and be there in five minutes. go

Vacation visit to the awesome Disney Value Resort
The park has only five Fast Pass places, only five! go

The Resort
You can save a bundle now with the new multi-day passes and family package plans. go

Log Cabin Style Hotel at Disney Orlando
It is all geared to an older crowd, and has bars with alcohol for adults to indulge. go

Orlando Hotels for Kids
The kids loved the splashing Sebastian and the beach ball blast. go


Wonderful Place to Stay

Music and Dancing at Disney Orlando
Good for the whole family, but you have to start early as the park is not open for nightlife. go

Artist Shine for the Laughter
The funny stuff is good to make everyone laugh. go

Street Dance
What a hoot are the crazy fun goings on in one of my favorite parts of the Magic Kingdom. go

Animal Kingdom Restaurant
Tried the Mango Strawberry Shortcake and split it between three of us. go

Talking Trash Can
Your group will catch the Disney Train and off you go to the Hidden Disney Zoo. go

Outdoor Adventures
Everything is about the water at Disney, it is at the resorts, parks, and the pools have a nice view. go

Best place to camp in Orlando
Getting to the parks is easy, a free boat taxi. go

Orlando Florida Average Temperatures for December

I was going to come up and visit this weekend, but with the Holiday season starting in less than two weeks, we are going to be doing plenty of traveling. Disney is going to be cool, as we will not be rushing to anything. If we stick to resort pleasures, there will be less hustling. No rush to get a Fast Pass ride ticket. We can look a bit more closely at things. We will have the bikes, and the best walking shoes. I looked up the Orlando Florida average temperatures for December 1st. The average high is 75 degrees and the low is 55. So nice during the day. Only the 5:30pm sunset time is a bummer. Shorter days, so we can start early!

Jacinto D.

Happy with Disney Hotels

Yeah welcome to Orlando Florida! Going to the Wide World of Sports Complex is prime time. Please send me photos of the action. Can you take ten photos of different things with your back to the sun? Ten photos? You are a fancy person and they might make you grand marshal of the nearby Animal Kingdom Theme Park! Please tell the players no pecan pies in the face like the baltimore oriole guy did last night. Key Lime Pie in the face from a pro player to a fan, fine. Not pecan pie with a three second twist and smash. See it at the Espn Club next to the Boardwalk Entertainment zone. You might be booked at the Disney Beach Resort, so you will be there.

Marty L.