Alcohol is all here for some cold beer, margaritas and wine

Sushi Bar Dinner Platters
You can order one of the sushi bar dinner platters. go

Restaurant at Mallory Square
The menu covers it all. go

Fantastic Seafood Restaurant and Tiki Bar
This is a winner for sure to eat dinner and one of my favorite places to get cocktails. go

Great Picks for Lunch or Dinner
What a fabulous place to eat, and it is dine in or take out. go

Panini Sandwiches are Hot Pressed
Worth coming over to enjoy. go

Grilled Shrimp on your Salad
This island is magnificent and it is excellent for seafood choices. go

Live music locations that play Tropical Rock
A very nice restaurant and upscale beach bar. go

Where Locals Eat
What a fantastic fish sandwich and the chicken salad is awesome. go


Very Yummy Foods

Key West Getaway
Wet shoes are great to pack so you can still get around during any drizzle or rain storms. go

Boater Zone in Lower Islamorada
Go up from the docks to see the popular shallow water reefs, alligator lighthouse and Cheeca rocks. go

Families are Welcome
The rate for a king bed or two queen rooms is the same, so mention your preference. go

Free spots to see Touring Key West
Our goal on this vacation is to explore all of the public parks of Key West. go

Where is the best place to get Married in Key West
Yes this is a really good thing to do and I bet it gets 100 percent satisfaction. go

Mask Fins and Snorkel Shop
It gave me tons of confidence to explore and learn how to scuba dive. go

Locations for Florida Keys Kayaking
But also detailed are the nearshore waters and offshore coral formations. go


Battle of the Bars

Very Yummy Foods

We try to make all over the Trips to Key West around one of the big events. One of the better events we have seen is the Battle of the Bars. Yes, all the local waitresses and bartenders battle for beer. You will not believe the relay race through the obstacle course. A one of a kind thing at the Schooner Wharf Bar at the Seaport.

Ken V.