A perfect pool really gets me going and our kids love to splash

Two Nights
They do it right at Orlando hotels with all the splash play! go

Sports Activities
Lion King kitty went outside in the cold for a little while. go

Mid Level
Why not stay and play where the pool is unbelievable! go

Lots to do at the Resort
plan on the best ever vacation trip when staying at Disney. go

Big Swimming Pools near Disney
If you are not going to be swimming, the location close to the core visitor attractions is the key selling point. go

Disney Hotel Food Court
We love having on-site restaurant dining and the pool play. go

Exceptional Area
You do your Orlando travel homework ahead of time so when you get here it's all play and smiles. go

Worth the Price
They have good things in the room so you don't have to bring a hairdryer, coffee maker, miniature refrigerator, a locking safe that's big enough for your tablets and electronics and the people that work here have a smile on. go


Destination Finder

G4 Pool Cleaning System is an upgrade
People ask me all the time how come my pool is so cllear and clean. go

Fun Things Indoors
The Odditorium is a good thing to do, located at 8201 International Drive. go

Citywalk Restaurants
For eating healthy they have some really good salads but don't think they don't pack a few calories in them if you take a look at the ingredient list carefully when you order. go

Tiki Resort
Make it homebase for Disney pleasures, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. go

Mexican Restaurant
International Drive has the best ever Orlando Mexican restaurant that you just have to try. go

Put on your Dancing Shoes
Fantastic for all ages. go

Its norway, where you will find gorgeous cobble stone courtyards, a norwegian town square, and fantastic replica of a 14th Century oslo fortress. go

Happy with Orlando Trips

Driving to Disney is so neat from the southeast United States into Florida. I have a slight request. Please stop by po-dunk Alabama or in the middle of Georgia on the way home. You know the deal, at the weekend flea markets, and pick me up two live chickens in a breathable bag. Give them dog treats on the way home. They are two dollars a piece and I will pay you back for live chickens. Just two live chickens please, even if they have them by the dozen. No wonder people love the prime city life on vacation in Orlando, where people come from all sorts of backgrounds, even around the world.

Selma A.

Room Lovers

Our floor plan is the link below, you just pick your side of the king size bed, plus the sleeper sofa! Full kitchen is a winner and we have room to spread out! Did you know the new bed from Residence Inn has crisp linens, thicker mattresses, and piles of pillows!

Emile E.

Where to Stay

We are gonna be in the area during the holiday season and were looking at the Citywalk prices for new year's eve. Looks like a rock and party for sure there's no doubt about it. The one night admission to the new year's eve party at Universal CityWalk beginning at eight pm and ending at two am is 130 dollars. I guess that'll change in get more expensive over the years or maybe not. We are not sure where gonna do yet but that is one of the options for a fantastic evening out in Orlando and taking advantage of the Nightlife. The place we are looking at is downtownpourhouse.com for an alternative.

When you pay that kind a price of course that means you get some extra things including orlando's biggest dance floor which is outrageous. They have unlimited gourmet cuisine so you get to eat for free all night. Dance a lot and burn calories and you can consume all the drinks and calories you can will possibly imagine. The places crazy wild and so is the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. It is something to consider for sure and if you gonna do it you better book your disney hotels right away and the Pop Century is a good one because the free Bus Service so you can drink up.

Monroe H.