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One of the best things to do in Tampa during the winter months is going to a hockey game. Impressive it is, actually it blew away my expectations by far. There's a lot of energy with the people even outside, as you walk up and start to enjoy the view and scene of the downtown area.

Overall, we came away very impressed with everything including the game, food options inside the stadium, and the ability to scalpe tickets if you need to get a friend in at a cheap price. Parking is plenty available, just decide if you want to try to get a free spot. Going for the free spots means you have to park further away, or just go with a paid spot is closer to the stadium.

You know the deal, there's always free parking spots if you're willing to walk about four or five blocks, that's true in atlanta, Orlando and Miami. The downtown area is more challenging than going to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football Game. Over there they have lots of parking lots with grass, and that is super cool. Going to a hockey game is a good one, and I just wanted to let everybody know to put it on your To do List for Tampa.

Jeremiah P.

Tampa Bay Lightning

401 Channelside Drive
Tampa Florida
Rating: 4.80 Excellent

Go Bolts

Publix has a cut-out of a hockey player at the entrance to the store. The hockey player has a coors logo on it's shirt. The face is a hole. You can stick your head in the hole and get your picture taken.

The hockey player is holding the stanley cup above his head. It is a pretty cool cutout, similar to the ones in the keys, but hockey oriented. The game was good, but that luck thing I was talking about happened. That's great! Tom should know since he lived there. I'm glad you got to go in a house today.

Edison Y.

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